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is firefox 21 still available and if so where can i get it

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i dont like firefox 22 and would really like to go back to 21 cant find it anywhere and really want it back

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Why dont you like Firefox 22?

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In case you have difficulties with the dimensions of the Firefox 22 browser:

Code changes regarding HiDPI support for high resolution displays have landed in Firefox 22 and later (bug #844604).

You can modify the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx and increase or decrease the value in 0.1 or 0.05 steps to adjust the size of fonts and other elements in Firefox.

  • The layout.css.devPixelsPerPx pref is a String value parsed to a float and allows to fine tune the dimensions of all elements (user interface and web pages) more precisely (resolution 0.1 or 0.05).
  • Change the default value -1 to 1 to make it work like in previous Firefox versions (100%)

Start with a value of 1 and adjust this value with 0.1 steps or 0.05 for finer adjustments.

  • Use values between 1.0 and about 0.5 to reduce elements in size (do NOT go all the way to 0.05!)
  • Use values greater than 1.0 to magnify and make elements larger (percentage divided by DPI, % / DPI).
  • http://kb.mozillazine.org/about:config

If web pages needs to be adjusted after changing this pref then you can look at the Default FullZoom Level or NoSquint extension.

Use this extension to adjust the font size for the user interface:

Изменено cor-el

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i am not a fan of it and i dont know how to hack or understand how to do it i really would like to get back firefox 21 soon and fast. i have tried the troubleshoot solution and that does not work. so if you can tell me how i can get ff 21 that would be great. and thanks for all the help.

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Try Firefox ESR 17 instead of FX21 its secure.

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im sorry to say that i dont want ff esr 17 i previously had ff 21 and it worked perfectly fine for me, i never had a problem. so i kindly ask again is ff 21 still available and can someone tell me where i can get it

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Downgrading to Firefox 21 would make you vulnerabilities to security fixes that have landed in Firefox 22.

Can you give more details of changes that you do not like or otherwise have problems with Firefox 22?

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ok i really dont like how ff 22 opens websites it opens too large and i dont care to do all that 0.1 or 0.5 stuff. one cause i dont understand what to do another reason is that the toolbar is huge even though i checked off the smaller icons box. so i ask again in hopes of getting this question accurately answered how and where can i downgrade back to ff 21 because this will really solve my problem

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Did you try to set the layout.css.devPixelsPerPx from the current default of -1 to 1?

That might be sufficient in a lot of cases.

Type about:config in the location (address) bar and press the "Enter" key to open the about:config page, just like you open a website by typing the URL in the location bar.

  • If you see a warning message then you can confirm that you want to access the about:config page.
  • use the Search bar at the top of the about:config page to locate preferences more easily
  • preferences that have been modified and do not have the default value show as bold (user set)
  • preferences that are user set (bold) can be reset to the default value via the right-click context menu
  • preferences can be changed via the right-click context menu: Modify (String or Integer) or Toggle (Boolean) or by double-clicking the line with the pref
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look i am very sorry that i keep complaining about this. cor-el i have tried your solution and i tried different values but i did not like it. i want it the size it was when i had ff 21 i wish someone would tell me where i can get ff 21 because i personally prefer ff 21. i want ff 21 and later i will upgrade maybe when ff 23 is released but for now i want ff 21

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Hi chanelle.r, I have one more workaround to sell you.

As you know, Firefox 22 zooms the content area according to your windows font size/DPI setting (e.g., 125%, 150%). You can counteract that using the following add-on. For example, setting the default zoom level to 80% zoom will cancel the Windows 125% font size setting.

Default FullZoom Level

I'm pretty sure you can find a value that works well for you.

But if not, the answer to your original question is here: Install an older version of Firefox.

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I must say that I am unimpressed with Firefox's frequent and seemingly useless updates. It seems that features I like disappear, or I have to search the web for a solution.

Last time they put tabs on top without an easy fix. Their excuse was lame. This time I could not change favicons. There was also a problem with Adobe Acrobat at one time, so I switched to Foxit.

I have chosen to go back to ESR 17 instead.

Here's an idea: When you guys change Firefox tell people ALL features that will be added and deleted. That way people will make heir choice.

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Hi Hollywoodin2001, to avoid your suggestion getting lost here, try using Help > Submit Feedback to submit your suggestion.

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Is anyone on this site capable of answering the simple question of how to download Firefox 21 without adding any extra advice, warnings, useless surplusage and/or showing off irrelevant knowledge? To repeat, how can one download Firefox 21?

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Hello, have you read the kb article "Install an older version of Firefox".

Just do note that you are putting yourself at a very high risk for malware etc.

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Thank you so very much.

I can't remember passwords or userids and never wrote them down over the years, so can't use the web without Roboform -- which is great in its own right. No need to rage on re FF 22 won't include the Roboform toolbar.

Thanks again.

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Hi retiredprofl, in case you haven't seen the news, Roboform has an update for Firefox 22: https://twitter.com/roboform/status/353179063977910273

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Where to begin? My profile was deleted as were all bookmarks and everything saved to "pocket". Several add-ons no longer work including New Tab King and any of the Youtube downloaders. There is a "lag" often when typing onto a page...it is happening now actually....that is just to start with....oh and the page fonts were either teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny or huge same with graphics....all of the "fixes" suggested just deleted my profile AGAIN.....

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Hi OooSillyMe, I see you replied in several threads about problems with both Firefox 21 and 22. Could you please start a new question including your system and add-on details and listing all the issues in one place. You can use this link to get started:


If you ever used the Firefox Reset feature, you may have one or more Old Firefox Data folders on your desktop. Please retain those for future settings recovery.

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Hi, channelled,

Some nice person informed me that the newest version of Roboform fixes the problem -- which it does. So now I've got the Rpboform toolbar WITH FF 22.