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How do I contact a Mozilla suport representative on the website?

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I know that there used to be a feature on the website where we could ask a question and then wait for someone to answer us (NOT the forums) if we needed a quicker response. Where did it go? I hope someone knows what I'm talking about. Thanks.

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The Live Chat service has been discontinued and is no longer available, so you need to use this support forum.

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That really sucks! I loved this feature! You guys REALLY need to consider bringing it back! It was so helpful for me! Please bring it back! Why did it get discontinued?

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Basically lack of manpower. This forum relies nearly entirely on unpaid volunteers.

Have you got a problem at the moment ?

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Putting Live Chat on hiatus? for some background on decision to end it. Another thread is here.

There is channels like #firefox and #mozillazine on irc.mozilla.org though they can be quite in response sometimes.

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