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Xml pages won't load using latest Firefox 7, worked fine in earlier versions

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A web app that loads and displays xml files using javascript and xsl stylesheets is breaking since upgrading to Firefox 7. These pages load successfully using Firefox 3 and 4, and all versions of IE. I can't figure out why, bit it breaks when returning to pages that have already been successfully loaded. Error console shows: "Component returned failure code: 0x8000ffff (NS_ERROR_UNEXPECTED) [nsIDOMXMLDocument.load] ... data: no" but this is occurring for a file that had been successfully loaded previously.

Additional info: I am getting the following warning for pages that do load successfully: Warning: Use of Document.load() is deprecated. To upgrade your code, use the DOM XMLHttpRequest object.

I know I will need to deal with this issue sometime in the near future, but the structure of the data means that I need to load stylesheets from a directory above the directory containing the xml data being loaded, and the security features of XMLHttpRequest won't allow this. So a move to using XMLHttpRequest means restructuring the data, which is a major overhaul.

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A good place to ask advice about web development is at the mozillaZine Web Development/Standards Evangelism forum.
The helpers at that forum are more knowledgeable about web development issues.
You need to register at the mozillaZine forum site in order to post at that forum.

See http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewforum.php?f=25

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Thanks. I don't want to double post, so can I get a moderator to move this post if it would be more suitable in Web Development/Standards Evangelism? I have searched that forum and found nothing relevant...

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The mozillaZine forums are a different forum and not related to the SUMO Firefox support forum.
A thread posted on a mozillaZine forum will only be moved if you post it in a different forum than I posted above.