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Firefox 4 hangs after searching for any web URL. (No Spybot fitted)

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Just installed Firefox 4. Using Win 7 Home Premium. Loads OK, but after entering any web address Firefox hangs!

Also will hang when attempting to enter such an address and after about 7 characters have been entered. Also will hang after a Google search and clicking on a Google entry.

Can not use it. Is Firefox 3.X still available temporary, as well, please.

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I'm using Windows XP and get the same sort of sequence of events, i.e.

1. Click on the Firefox[4] icon on desktop. 2. Firefox opens at my home page, Google. The graphic of Bunsen's birthday works, all looks OK. The top line of the screen is solid blue. 3. Type anything into Google, or open any web page, and do anything there, and Firefox hangs. The blue top line goes pale blue and your only choice is to turn off your computer. 4. When you do this an End Now box comes up warning about losing data, under the heading of Forcefield.exe 5. You post a question on Firefox on your partner's computer, which thankfully has not been upgraded to Firefox 4, and Firefox support sends you an email to your own email on your computer to confirm your email address and subscription. 6. This is OK as Thunderbird is working so I open this email, but it says click on the link to confirm your subscription. When you do this, it opens Firefox which instantly hangs! This is like telling someone who has run out of petrol to drive to the nearest gas station! 7. You email support about this blind alley and soon get another email with another link which, like the first, also opens Firefox, which then hangs! 8. I got rid of Explorer years ago and so cannot access the web to do anything, let alone send a confirmation link to Firefox support.

I would love to know what Louis Carroll would have said about this...,

‘Will you walk a little faster?’ said a whiting to a snail. ‘There’s a Firefox close behind us, he’s hanging via my email See how eagerly his browsers, version 4, all so don't advance! They are bogged in a black-hole - will you come and join the dance? Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, will you join the dance? Will you, won’t you, will you, won’t you, won’t you join the dance?

With apologies the Carroll's ghost,

Paul S from Downunder

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Problem of "Firefox 4 hangs after searching for any web URL." related to 'BitDefender Antiphishing Toolbar 2.0' Extensions!

solution: Click On FireFox Button > Click On Add-ons > Click On Extensions Tab > Disable BitDefender Antiphishing Toolbar > Restart FireFox


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