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Audio output device changes randomly on plugin container

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I am using Windows 7, and have multiple audio output devices. I have my default audio device set to my speakers. Firefox's Plugincontainer is being re-routed to my Headphone output. This only occurs on Firefox, while a flash plugin is in use, so it could be a bug in flash as well. The problem is not easily reproducible, and somewhat random. It only happened recently, and I cannot discern a change that would have cause it. It seems to occur after I've been streaming media for approximately an hour or two, and navigating multiple pages/tabs. After it happens, I can close the browser, restart, and it's still on headphone output. Default audio device is still set to speakers. I have to log out of windows, and log back in to resolve.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== Starting approx a week ago.

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I believe you should have a look at the following: http://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/No%20sound%20in%20Firefox

For me it was the adblock plus that was running which caused the audio to be outputted elsewhere. Hope it helps :D