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I stupidly downloaded Vuze on my Mac and have since uninstalled it, however now when I use Google Search in the upper right corner of Firefox, it automatically uses a "Vuze Search powered by Google", I've uninstalled the Vuze add-on but that didn't fix th

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I stupidly downloaded Vuze to my Mac and have since uninstalled it. Whenever I use the search feature at the top right corner of Firefox, the search engine is "Vuze search powered by google" however when I open up the "installed search engines" window it doesn't show anything regarding vuze. Also, I've uninstalled the vuze add-on from Firefox but that has not solved the problem.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I downloaded Vuze

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Go to search engine pull-down menu (on search box), choose "manage search engines", and remove vuze-added engine there.

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Removing it from the small search engine in the upper right corner of firefox is the easy part. I've taken all the same steps, but every time I use the main address bar to type in a search or an unfinished address another 'powered by google' search w/ the vuze logo at top pops up! I've gone so far into being afraid that this is recording every key stroke on the browser, given the recent legislation trying to be passed against suspected bit torrent 'piracy'.

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1. In the Firefox Location Bar, Where you enter the address of web pages, enter about:config

2. A "This might void your warranty" warning may appear. Click "I'll be careful, I promise!"

3. In the Filter text box, enter keyword.url

4. hold down Ctrl while you Right click keyword.url and choose reset.

You should be okay now.

I have removed your attachment because it contained profanity.

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wow, awesome perfect and thank you!

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No problem