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Random Graphical/Image Corruption

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I am getting what seems to be random image or graphical corruption on some images. I first noticed this with a few favicons. Sometimes they would show corrupted, other times they would load properly. I also have now seen it on a webpage as shown in the attached image (percentage counter). The corruption seems to be of the same type, square with patterned lines of color. It seems to be some sort of rendering issue. The same page renders without corruption inside other browsers, so it is Firefox-specific. Any help much appreciated!

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Just a followup,

I created a new untouched profile and the same page loads correctly with no corruption. Both the new profile and old profile have "Use recommended performance settings" checked, which means both have hardware acceleration checked by default. So this rules out hardware acceleration issues.

I've disabled all add-ons on the profile that shows corruption, and this does not fix the issue. Restarting browser does not fix the issue either.

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Can you provide a link to the site(s) where this issue occurs?