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Lock up or freeze the spacers?

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Hi. There is a vertical spacer or seperator to the right of the folders three on the left. This spacer or seperator line can be moved to the left or right. Is there a way to freeze it or lock it in a specific position as to avoid accidental movement? I'm writing a script to automate some things. Thunderbird and of course Firefox are part of this automation. Any movement of this seperator would complicate my script.

Can it be locked in place?

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Just to clarify, is this an issue to do with Firefox for Android?

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Nope. I guess I must have posted in the wrong section. It's a question about Thunderbird on Windows.

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My Thunderbird looks similat to this: link text On the left you see a column of folders. On the right, you see the list of emails within the selected folder. And on the right, directly below the list of emails, you see a previous panel.

The vertical bar to the righ of the folders panel can be slided right and left. And the hotizontal bar between the emails list and the previous panel can be slided up and down.

What I need is a way to lock those two bars so that they can't be moved around.

The problem here is that movibg controls and the lay-out of the window is making my script much harder to write. So I would like to have those two bars locked into place.