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Icon for web page shortcuts

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In regular Firefox on Android, if I save a page to my home screen, it uses the favicon of the website as the icon of the shortcut. But in Firefox Focus, I get a purple square with the first letter of the domain name instead. Is there any way to change the icon to something more appropriate?

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Firefox Focus is designed for anonymous on-device browsing and so that approach is designed to make the shortcut a little less obvious as to it's target.

That said, you may wish to try the private browsing mode in the new Firefox Preview browser that uses a websites favicon in the home screen shortcut.

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Thanks. My purpose isn't privacy per se - I simply like FF Focus for basic browsing because it's light and nimble on my cheap phone. I normally just use Firefox when I need cookies. But it's not a big deal either way - I can either just get used to the purple squares or use Firefox for some that I have trouble spotting among my apps.

Ironically, it seems that Focus has a feature that Firefox doesn't: When I made the shortcut in Focus ("Add to Home screen"), it allowed me to change the name, but when I did it in Firefox ("Page" -> "Add to Home screen") it just used the page title with no option to edit it. I assumed Focus was stripped down from Firefox, but apparently it has some hidden gems.

Perhaps someday Android itself will have a way to edit shortcuts like in Windows (and presumably other desktop OSes), to rename and choose icons.

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Ok, thank you for your feedback, I am glad to hear that you like using Firefox Focus.