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Browser acts like it's the first time opening everytime I start it up on another user on computer.

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Every time I start up the browser on a user other than the admin it acts like it just started to the first time. The browser also doesn't save any of the settings on the browser either.

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Firefox uses a settings folder in the user profile, so that is what I would expect. See: Profiles - Where Firefox stores your bookmarks, passwords and other user data.

Have you considered using Sync to copy data among the profiles? Or do you only want some of the stuff and not all of it?

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I have it set to sync. I just want the ability for Firefox to open up on a browser without acting like it's opening for the first time. I change all the settings but when I close the browser and I open the browser again all the settings revert back to I installed it.

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Do you mean even when you open the identical profile, you've lost customizations? Or is it still a new profile because it's a different Windows users?

Same profile: See How to fix preferences that won't save.

New Profile: It's possible to pre-set some preferences using one or more files in the program folder, but otherwise a brand new profile will not be customized.

See: https://support.mozilla.org/products/firefox-enterprise/customization-firefox-enterprise-environment

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So I have two users on my computer my admin(I don't use this unless I have to) and a standard user(use all the time) when I close my standard users firefox and restart it the browser acts like I just installed it asking me to sync my profiles(which are already synced) and it restarts all my extensions so I have to sign in or it removes anything that is saved. If that makes any sense.

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Did you check your standard user settings in FF to see if your settings where checked to clear all setting when you close FF?