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Everything I download (once) Mozilla/Foxfire opens 5 Mozilla/Foxfire browser sites. Does this on two of three desktops. Why?

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Have tried using task manager to close extra browser webpages but on closing using expand function of task manager 3rd of five goes to 'web page has crashed; close or restore'. Pick restore and 3 'end task' closed sites come up again. Choose close and reopen your website and opens 5 Mozilla/Foxfire sites again. Lose Lose situation. Solution? I have three laptops and two PCs; none used for business. Longer I used the computer device this situation happens. 4 of five computers on Windows 10; one computer on Windows 7 Pro; doesn't ever have this problem.

Do you ever have an employee that answers these questions? Or is it always the volunteers.

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What is on those unwanted pages? ads?

You have an add-on called SpecialSearchOffer Disable it.

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Hi bowent6, Firefox is a multiprocess application and it is normal to see at least one main process and one content process, and often several others. As you open more tabs, Firefox will keep opening content processes until it reaches 4 of those (or less or more depending on your settings) and then additional tabs will open in one of those content processes.

Are you concerned that there are too many processes running? To change the number of content processes, see this article: Firefox's performance settings.

To get more information about which Firefox process is which, add the Command Line column to the Details tab of the Task Manager (if it's like Windows 7, it's on the View menu, Select Columns).

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