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which machine is primary

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I have sync configured in Firefox on multiple machines, there don't appear to be any options to determine which machine is primary. When I add a new machine with no bookmarks where does it get the sync information from? I did this recently and it deleted all the bookmarks on another machine because the new machine didn't have any bookmarks. I previously used a different bookmark syncing add-on that had settings for whether the local machine would be primary or the cloud/hosting server would be primary? Thanks for your help. Chris

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With sync, there is no primary or master. Any changes on one member of sync is shared with all.

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That's a great theory but when I added a new computer and browser without any bookmarks it deleted all the bookmarks on my old machine, luckily only one of them before I noticed. I was able to restore the bookmarks from the backup but it should not have happened in the first place.

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That should not have happened. I will call for more help.

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Did you make sure that all connected devices have a unique computer name?

What you describe can happen if the names are the same or Firefox otherwise thinks that it is the same device.