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knock the multi sign-in shit off,way to much trouble,willing to take the risk

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use different computers,sign-in to sync,then it sends an email,again i got to sign -in to get to sync email..hell of alot of sign-ins not sure sync is worth it...clean it up willing to take risk.....doing this 3-4 times a day,needs fixing . Eddie

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What sign-in is it? When you set up Sync and a Master Password, about a minute after starting Firefox, you get a pop-up (regardless of what tab you're on) to enter your Master Password so Firefox can Sync. If you haven't changed anything important that you need to sync, you can cancel that dialog and just continue working. (I do that about half the time.)

Of course, if you then go to a website where you've saved your login, and you haven't already entered your Master Password, Firefox will need to you enter it at that point if you want to be automatically logged in.