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FF 18.0.1 not responsive when system returns from standby. WinXP 64 bit. Disabling addons/extensions and reset no help.

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if firefox is open and system goes into standby, whe I return from standby (press power button on front of machine and then log in) firefox is unresponsive. Sometimes it will go to a new web page if I click a link in the open page, but the link fails to change color. And it is very slow. Other times it is completely unresponsive. I have to close it and then restart it to get it to work. All open tabs are then lost. Tried resetting and disabling all add ons/extensions. problem began when updated to v18.

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Try to boot the computer in Windows Safe mode with network support (press F8 on the boot screen) as a test to see if that helps.

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nothing worked, including some extremely meticulous re-installs. I then uninstalled (completely) once again and backed up one version at a time until the problem went away. I had to go back to v15.0 to get it working again.

I seldom update things (the developers are usually into creeping featurism and the programs get steadily worse) so I had probably updated to v18 from something before v15. This tells me the problem has been around awhile.

From the rubber-stamp and wild guess answers here I figure no one really knows what's going on. (I do appreciate the replies however). On the other hand XP64 is sort of an oddball OS and I don't think a lot of people use it.

I also installed the latest version of Opera and it works fine. probably time to change browsers. In the course of researching this issue I see a lot of dissatisfaction out on the web with Firefox....comments like "it used to be good..." I can see why. More interface garbage, less stability. What I personally want is something simple that just always works. no changes, nothing new to learn, no gizmoz or bleeding cutting edge (I use an old flip phone that has no features, not even the idiot camera)...I just want to be productive---and that means that things shouldn't change.

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I face the same problems. Due to the problems I keep my cache clean, also the download box empty. All plugins show the latest version and I check them for updates on regular base. But still I am having the problems - and it doesn´t help to read the only solution is to reset the system, a bit uncomfortable .. Any tip is more than welcome.