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Why does the ctrl-f search function shift focus to the web page window when pressing space?

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In previous version of FF, I could type in full words in the search field, but now the focus is changed to the window after typing 2-3 letters.

I've noticed that it happens when I enter a space in the search string. It's not a question of upper(lower case, I've checked.

I use the latest version of FF, 5.0 on a PC. The problem is this: when I try to search the page for text using control-f, I can only type in a couple of letters, then the focus shifts to the letters found, forcing me to stop typing and press ctrl-f again. This is very frustrating, and this wasn't the case with previous versions of FF.

Can anyone tell me why the ctrl-f text search behaves like this?


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Start Firefox in Diagnose Firefox issues using Troubleshoot Mode to check if one of the extensions is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).

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Thank you! It seemed that hardware acc. was the problem, I can now use the search/find field as in previous versions of FF.

You've saved me a lot of head-ache!

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You're welcome

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I was wrong - it wasn't the hardware acc., it was one of my add-ons. Probably one of my search engines or "After the deadline".