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When I select "Print" in any of my software programs, Firefox/Mozilla sends the item to a download file instead of displaying what I want printed. Not sure if this is standard under Firefox, but I do know that I previously could hit the "Print" key and the print screen would just appear, then I could just select to print without having to open the download folder every single time. Anyone having a solution to this would be wonderful news as I convert a number of items to a PDF and this is slowing down my work progress!!

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more options See image under the section entitled - Print window settings. To the far-right of Comment -- is the Print to file block check-marked?

If you use the Print button (in the first section of that support article) the Print Preview should appear. If that isn't happening, use { Ctrl +P } and make sure a printer is selected and that "Print to file" is not selected. If you need to make any changes there, hit the OK button which will save the new preference and print "something'.