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How to add pdf.js option to 'Open With' dialog for PDF files?


I've set the action for opening PDF files to 'Always Ask'. Then I can save the file or open it with any other pdf viewer. But the 'open with' option in that dialog box lists only the external pdf viewers. An option in that dialog box to view the file within firefox using pdf.js would be helpful.

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That choice should be named "Preview in Firefox" as a setting for Portable Document Format (PDF).

See also:

The latest version of the PDF viewer is available as an extension and does a better job than the 0.7.28 version shipped with Firefox 20.0 in a lot of cases.

You can find the latest version of the PDF Viewer (pdfjs) extension here:

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Thanks but I'm aware of that. What I need is to keep the option as 'Always Ask' without changing it to 'Preview in Firefox'. And then when I click on a pdf link, it would open up the dialog box asking what to do. It has several options such as 'Open With' and 'Save File'. What I want is to have 'Preview in Firefox' as an option in that dialog box. So then I can choose some files to open in Firefox, some to download and some to open in external readers. I would choose the action for each file. Is that possible?

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Trying to use Always Ask with any kind of pointer back to Firefox is likely to regenerate the same dialog, so that probably won't work.

If you preview first, you can use the download arrow on the viewer's toolbar to call up the Open/Save/Cancel dialog.

When you know you want to download a PDF, instead of previewing, you can right-click the link and use Save Link As.

That might be as close as we can get without an add-on.