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firefox keeps telling me i have version after i have upgraded to version 4.0

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i have tried to upgrade ff 3x's now. i would like to use the 4.0 version so that i may use the add on..Awesome Screenshot - Capture and Annotate 2.3 however, when i try to download it its telling me i need to upgrade. so i did. 3 times. each time it tells me im using the old version, please upgrade. i have even restarted the computer.

Bewerkt door NoahSUMO op

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Alright, easiest way is to first check your version.

Go to Help > About Firefox

and highlight and right-click the text at the bottom and paste it here.

Mine looks like this: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; Windows NT 5.1; rv:2.0b3pre) Gecko/20100729 Firefox/4.0

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The useragent information is already supplied look in the right column at "more system details" on this page. It shows Firefox 3.5.4

Suggest downloading the full version from http://www.mozilla.com then uninstall Firefox through the control panel, but do not delete your user files. Do not remove your profile directories and files as they contain your settings, bookmarks, history, extensions, passwords, and cookies.

At the completion of the download don't let the setup start Firefox for you, when the setup ends, start Firefox in your normal manner this way you will be less likely to create a new profile.

The extra startup pages are temporary -- read them. The next time Firefox comes up you should be back to starting with your normal home page.

Note: Firefox must be down once the install starts. Close Firefox with File>Exit. Then make sure Firefox is not running -- On Windows: check the "Processes" tab in the Windows Task Manager.

in any case once you are on 4.0 you might want to take a look at "(fx4)"

  Fx4:  Firefox 4.0 Problems and Orientation   (#fx4) 
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