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I can not open my Yahoo E-mails messages and other options in firefox?

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Dear Sir/Madam,

 Hi, I'm Amir farokh, My E-mail address is : a_farrokhniae@yahoo.com

Recently, I have some problems with my Yahoo E-mail. I can not open any messages in Fire Fox browser (It open the main page, but it can not open any specific message), also it can not open other options, such as sending E-mails, spams, ... In Internet expolorer, even though it opens the main window and messages, it can not send any E-mail. For Example I sent an E-mail to my friend, but he couldn't receive it in @hotmail.com.

My security package is Norton Internet security Package 2011 (Full, firewall, anti spam, ...). other E-mail address of mine: a.farrokhniae@gmail.com (which works properly, but it had the same problem before in Firefox).

I hope to hear from you soon. You can chat with me and remote on my computer to solve the problem.

Many Thanks Amir Farokh-Niae