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History library resets to "today" when I want to look at "month".

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Firefox crashed and somehow wouldn' rstore my tabs. So I went to the history page , selected "last month" and started to search for the lost tabs. Two problems. You can select several tabs but you can't move them together to the tab bar to create several tabs. So I moved one tab and within two seconds the history view resets itself to "today". So I then have to go back to "month" view , restart the search , find the next one etc.

This is a real pain, why does the history library auto reset itself to "today" view and how can I stop it. Or is there a way of opening several tabs from the same

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yes i have this same issue! i've been searching the web all night looking for a fix. this seems minor but for anyone with the same issue you kno how incredibly annoying it is!

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