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NCH Toolbar can be uninstalled by going tool tab scroll down to addons find NCH Toolbar and uninstall

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I was downloading several programs and being very careful not to except any additional downloads. When the next day I booted up my computer and found NCH Toolbar on my browser and with it a number of other problems.

(added this from "more system details") - I went to Add/Remove but the NCH Toolbar wasn't there but it's on my browser. I went to Search and typed in 'how to remove NCH Toolbar'. What a bunch of junk- Go to Add/Remove,I did that already-Get free removal software,Yell right with up-sell on software. I burned up two days chasing my tail or these idiots,you know who you are and they'll identify themselves when they try to defend themselves. I kept playing around on the Tabs on Firefox and came to the Tab marked Tools. I opened Tools and found Add-ons and opened that and found NCH Toolbar Uninstall. WOW !!! It worked why did it have to be so hard,because the greedy Jerks have to make money on us. Well, I don't need to ruin to my reputation so my information is free.

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Thanks! You save me, realy..like you i turn on my pc and apears that bad toolbar, tried to uninstal and nothing, now i found your message and can erase that problem, thankyou so much : )

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I had to close and reopen the browser as well. So, if you do the steps above and you still see it in Firefox, try closing and reopening the browser and you should be all set.

Thanks for the helpful steps!

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I'm using Firefox 5.0. The NCH toolbar is listed under Extensions (Tools...Add-in's, then Extensions. The toolbar can be removed from there. You still have to open and close the browser to see it removed.

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Thanks for finding our how to remove NCH toolbar. that save me a lot of trying to figure out how to remove NCH toolbar.