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Crash report submitted without being realized

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I was checking and reading my mail. One of the mail, I think it is a spam mail having link to some porn site without my knowledge. Out of curiosity to know what are they, I clicked one of the link and it open the web site in FireFox and it clashed. The FireFox Crash Reporter popped up and asked me to submit the bug report with all the options checked. Without actually reading and understanding the message on the FireFox Crash Reporter, I just simply clicked the button to force the FireFox to restart in the hope that it won't send the bug reports.

Indeed, FireFox didn't send the bug report because my connection was dropped at the same time. Two week later which was on 22-August-2010, I tried check the bug reports that I have in the FireFox by typing the about:crashes in the location bar and the bug report listed on the page. I thought that this bug report has been submitted because it is listed under the Submitted Crash Report heading. In fact, later I found out that this bug report is still pending for submission. Prior to knowing that, I have clicked on it and this crash report is sent without my knowledge.

It is never my intention to submit this bug report. This bug report has potentially personal identifying information such as the IP and the URL that cause the FireFox to crash.

Is it possible to have the IP and the URL information to be erased from bug server because t is not my intention to send it and I never intend to visit the porn site and it is out of my curiosity to check out what it is?


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hello.first of all Firefox does not send any personal info.you can disable the crash reports by: first open options then open the "advanced' tab,then under the advanced tan open the "general" tab and un-check "submit error reports"

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You can also fully disable Mozilla Crash Reporter as described here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Breakpad#Mozilla_Crash_Reporter

You'll need to reapply the edits to application.ini after any update.

Because there is no unique identifier to the browser installation on your computer, crash reports on the Mozilla server are fairly anonymous.

You can delete records of your submitted crash reports:

  • Hit the Start button, type in %APPDATA%\Mozilla\Firefox\Crash Reports\submitted
  • Delete all undesired files contained in that folder.