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Should I have the original and the beta versions installed?

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I just downloaded Firefox because IE has been ridiculously difficult recently (well, last straw kind of stuff, you know). After I downloaded and was clicking around the website, I saw there was a Beta version and thought I would try it out. I expected it to replace my original download, but now I have 2 Firefox icons that will open different versions. Is it recommended that you always keep a non-Beta version on here just in case something happens with the Beta? Or is that now just wasting space? I feel like there might be a reason it didn't replace the other version...

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Firefox 4.0 beta versions are installed to a separate folder from the release versions. It is at least 6 months away from being releases, and there are very few addons available for it.

Unless you want to help test the Beta version, and provide feedback to Mozilla about the problems you experience with it, you shouldn't even be using it.

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I was reading about the Beta and that was my intent - to provide feedback with any difficulties I have with the Beta version (well, or feedback on things that are extraordinarily wonderful). I have downloaded a few Beta versions of other programs previously, but they have always replaced the release version on my computer rather than being installed into a separate folder. There were always warnings and the option to uninstall the Beta and reinstall the program if I needed/decided to. And then of course I usually ended up installing the new release when it came out. This was just different, and I wasn't sure if there was a reason why. You cleared up a little of that for me. Thanks for the response!  :)