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Firefox opens two icons in dock when I launch it. Why?

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Whenever I launch Firefox 4, two Firefox icons appear in my dock. Why does this happen and how can I have just one icon launch? I'm using a Mac.

This happened

Every time Firefox opened

== I installed Firefox 4 on my iMac

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Same happens here. Intel Mac 10.6.4

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Same here, I guess this is because FF4 is 64bits and Flash Player is not, hope they'll find a workaround for beta 2.

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count++; //same problem here

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Same problem. Everything's ok until I open a site with flash content, then then second ff icon appears in the dock. OSX 10.6.4

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It started happening after installing Flash 10.1.

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Same here.. please fix soon!

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same here :-/

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Same here.


FF 4.b1

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Try this...I fixed it on my win 7 machine. Open firefox with the button on your taskbar. Now, after there are two icons, right click on the original one you clicked on and unpin it from the task bar. Now close the other instance. You should have NO icons for firefox left on the taskbar. Next, click the start button and enter firefox in the search box (where macs is I'm not sure) only DON"T hit enter. Right click on the firefox found by the search and select "Pin to task bar". This fixed the issue for me. Now I only have one instance of the icon on the taskbar when I launch it.

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