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I'm not having trouble - am just wondering how to make a website address I visit into a link so I can share the website address with friends?

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I am a new user and do not know how to make a website address which I visit into a link. I'd like to share sites I find with friends, but the only way I know how to do that is to retype the address into an email and I usually screw that up! Can you help?

This happened

Not sure how often

== since I got my computer

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If you open the File menu, and select Send link, that should help.

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The text editor is the text area that you use on the webmail (Yahoo, Hotmail) website to create a new mail. You can compare that with the Post new message text area that you use to create a new post on this forum. Just above the text area that you use to enter the message text there is usually a button bar with buttons that allows some text formatting like Bold and Italic and can also include a button (e.g. tooltip: Insert Hyperlink) to make a clickable hyperlink. Check the tooltip of each button by hovering with the mouse over each button.

Make Link - https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/142