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Update to 4.0.1 has removed the location (awesome) bar and replaced it with a Google search box - how do I get the location bar back?

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Version 4.0 provided a "normal" location box - enter a full website address (www. etc, etc) and the location box would take you directly to the site. With the update to Version 4.0.1 on 1st May, the location box has disappeared and in its place (next to the <--> arrows) there is a Google Search box; entering a website address now produces a Google list of possible matches as usual for Google. There is now no way to enter a web address and go direct to the site. As a byproduct of this it is impossible to enter "about:configure" to lead you to preference changes since the Google box merely lists references to "about:config" websites. How can I delete the Google box and get back the Location/Awesome bar?

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To restore it, try the option to "Restore the default toolbar set" as shown here -

If that does not work, try the option to "Reset toolbars and controls" in the same article.

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"Restore default toolbar set" solved the problem - thanks.