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Opening videos in fullscreen causes video to go crazy and switch from landscape to portrait continuously

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So this issue has been happening for a few months now. Whenever I play a video that isn't on youtube(E.g. Reddit, newsletter, embedded youtube videos) and then I get a bug where it puts the video into landscape and then reverts back to portrait mode and back to landscape again. This happens on and on and usually doesn't play the video at all. Usually I have to spam the back button on the phone to exit the video and restart my firefox in order to replay that video normally.

I'm running: Firefox 67.0.3 Android 9 Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Websites that this is effected in is : Reddit Facebook (mobile website, not the app) Other news sites with embeded youtube videos

I also have a video showing this happening.

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It would be great to see that video so that we can understand this better. Could you attach it to a reply to this thread?

One thing that does come to mind - have you got Android set to a fixed orientation, or do you have it set to change?

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Here is the bug I was experiencing:

The video shows it a bit off, but what happens on the phone screen is it switching from landscape, to portrait, to landscape and so on. Each time it switch, it restarts the video.