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After update to Firefox 64.0, tabs keep detaching to new windows accidentally.

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After the latest update, I keep getting tabs detaching/tearing to new windows when interacting with them. Probably because of small movements of mouse during clicking acting as dragging them.

All searches of disabling tab detaching show only extensions that no longer work in modern Firefox versions.

Is there a way to disable tab detaching all together or at least making it much less sensitive?

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Did you check your settings to see if something wasn't changed there to affect the opening of a new "Tab"? If your mouse is not functioning correctly it can drag a tab out as well so you maintenance your mouse as well to function correctly.

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As far as I can see, the settings have not been changed, and overall the tabs behave the same as before.

As the tab detaching doesn't happen that often, it is probably just because of mouse moving minimally during the click, instead of an actual bug. So I would like to know a way to disable this feature.