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When I try to print a document from email the system requires me to save it as a PDF to print it. How do I stop this requirement?

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It's very straightforward. I open the document and/or select it, click print or print preview. When I then click print I am presented with the standard Save dialog box. If I cancel that it simply returns when I click print again. So I give in, save the document, print it from the PDF file then delete the PDF file. This requirement to save a document as a PDF began after the most recent update. Very frustrating and irritating!! Why was this done and how do I get rid of it?

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You need to select the printer that you want to use in the "Print window settings" dialog box. Printer > Name

Might be easiest if you initiate printing using the { Ctrl + P} keyboard command - once, and then print a page. After that Firefox should remember to use that printer, until you change to another "printer" again. In Firefox the "last used" becomes the default "printer".