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Firefox 4 sucks

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Firefox 4 sucks.

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Turn off the update prompt?

Maybe that will stop the nagging yip yap Home Page --"Urgent..Upgrade" howling emanating from the den of Firefox 4.0 central.

Or, switch the home page.

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"The UI of Firefox 4 is as ugly as it can get. If we users wanted Chrome we would use Chrome and not a copy. " I can't agree more.

  1. 1 I received more page faults in 1 minutes with Firefox 4.0 then any application I've ever installed.
  2. 2 FF 4.0 went "program not responding" after 1 try reading gmail
  3. 3 It's f-ing ugly
  4. 4 Did you even test this before releasing it?

It's so bad I would go back to IE - that's serious! Thank god we can still downgrade to 3.6

PLEASE RETHINK THIS UPDATE - IT SUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I agree, how do I downgrade back to 3?

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Since downloading 4 I've been getting java errors, file errors, and my system is running slower. When are these problems going to be addressed and fixed.

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If you want to downgrade just download Firefox 3.6 and install it on top of Firefox 4 (you don't have to uninstall Firefox 4 yourself), it will say "Updating" and you will get the old version back with your settings. It worked for me.

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When UI changes are forced, users stick to old versions. Examples: WinXP, IE6, Winamp 2.9x, Firefox 3.6. When a UI is popular and liked, forcing it to change is a bad move.

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I tried FF4 to see if it fixed a problem I was having with 3.6.16. It sort of fixed the problem but caused one of its own. It cannot find the Flash plugin that FF3 was using. The solution to my problem is FF 3.6.15 until I find out where FF4 looks for plugins. To find old versions of FF, search for "Firefox Downgrade".

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I've been using Firefox since it was called Mozilla... I was a very early adopter. I hate the new version. The menus are all screwed up, the sizes of everything is wrong, the status bar is missing, and it's way quicker to roll back to 3.6 than it is to put up with this crap. So back to 3.6 I went, very disappointed and sad to see these stupid and unfriendly changes.

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Agreed. Why FF is copying chrome? Why make everything disappear? Why the menus are so messed up? What is wrong with those who designed the ui? Do you think everybody's computer runs like 800*600 so you decided to get rid of everything so the broser window looks bigger?

Why can't you people just keep FF's style? As one of the oldest browers on the planet do you think people will walk away just because its old-fashioned appearence?

I hate chrome so much because that's for people don't know what they are doing. Now I am really glad there's still the link for FF3.6 up on the website otherwise I am definitely migrating to Opera or something.

So sad to watch how the best web browser goes under.

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Speed isn't everything, whoever decided ff4 is more usable and accessible then 3.6 is dead wrong, design wise rip out of nice features is not my idea of a great browser. and worst then removing them is not having simple integrated alternatives.

Your new addon engine however is archaic cannot remove java console 22 even if I have 24 installed, One disable it. in 3.6 it works fine I can remove it, in fact besides becoming less usable people expect things to flow in a right to left manner in western world yet refresh button is found in left side of screen like the bookmarks button whch could be as the orange fancy new button and while this can be changed the status bar was removed, a few more pixels with informative details was lost along with progress bar which could have just moved to address bar, but no, the addons to fix this are awful and most addons dont work, you could have legacy addon support to give devs more time to play catchup or do you forget its a spare time free job?

As a webdesigner I decided to go back to 3.6.16 too much to loose in comparison to gains of marginal speed and still a terrible acid test performance, still not 100% even virgin.

At this rate users may wonder if mozilla have been paid off to deliver very uncharacteristic quality work in several key parts of a good browser and good common sense.

Epic fail, Im waiting for firefox 4.01 and hope for real great work.

btw I bet all those million users will be switching back real quick, i doubt you care either.

This is bad in all platforms pc based regardless of OS.

Modified by X301

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I find FF4 EXCELLENT! I use the Menu Bar with File-Edit-View -History-Bookmarks- Tools -Help + stop, back/forward arrows, and 12 short cut icons. Underneath are 12 tabs. I have low usage icons on the add on bar ( 2 clicks) if needed. Never had a need for a Home button, Navigation Bar, Bookmarks Tool bar all my bookmarks are sorted alphabetically in named folders and easy to locate, can't think of anything else i need, Yes i can i wish it would start up faster but as i am in no hurry i don't suppose it matters! and i use Chrome sometimes (just to see how the other half live) FIREFOX ROCKS

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I have to say I've been very happy with FF for the last few years -- but I spent an hour+ yesterday rolling back to 3.6. My experience is that FF4 is just "bloated" for no real gain other than some confusing UI reshuffles. Startup is slow; shutdown is slow (I open and close the app frequently through the day and am tired of getting the message that a version of FF is "still closing" so I can't reopen); Process Explorer shows memory use for FF and container plugins is high; clearing history results in javascript errors; loading pages is slow; even though I turn off automatic updates and page prefetching FF4 makes my hard disk thrash in waves for the first couple of mins as if it's checking online. My PC is not the newest and I'm on XP but I just got fed up of being slowed down in all my online tasks and having to work around what feels like an unstable environment.

Yes, I could post each and every problem on this forum, and yes I could try to work with FF4 to improve it as much as possible, but all this would take me time and I've never had such a poor experience with FF before. This upgrade feels like a Microsoft exercise, meddling just to announce a whole new Version number and based on the assumption that everyone can buy a new/more powerful PC every 3 years.

On the upside, 3.6 (which I'm using right now) works a treat with all my original add-ons, bookmarks, configs restored. It's just disappointing that sooner or later, security updates for this version will end. Then I'll have to take a good hard look at what my next browser will be. Hopefully, FF4 will have undergone some major retooling before then. I can't imagine which project manager thought this version was an acceptable release.

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there is alot of problem in the ff4 first of all why sometimes when i open my ff the bookmark bar didn't show up and i have to uncheck it and then check it again to appear

and why some times my ff forgot all of auto login sites ?? why this they make waste alot of time when i have to sign in every site that i put it in auto login ??? and some times my ff freezes for like 1 minutes and then return back to life

plz any one can help me?? cuz i don't wan't to roll back to 3.6 or changing to IE or chorme

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If want support for Firefox 4, please start you own thread.

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If you wish to fix the User Interface (UI) of Firefox, use this link

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Also install this add-on (not mentioned there)

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firefox 4, the good: 1. Slim UI 2. Nice add-on bar management (can finally move those addon buttons to the bottom bar) 3. etc.. perhaps there're hundreds more, but who cares since I don't use it

the bad: 1. obviously lots of addons not working properly / at all 2. New Tab button is gone 3. ctrl+E is gone (forced to use ctrl+k which isn't new, but isn't standard) 4. Confusing Context Menu arrangement : Swapped Open in New Window/Tab 5. etc.. perhaps there're hundreds more, but who cares since I've switched back to 3.6

no. 1-2 is fine, but forcing ppl to change their habits by unnecessarily replacing shortcuts and/or menus is a BAD MOVE.

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I'm so glad it got installed on a friends PC before mine, so I could see it before I auto-updated (Which is now switched off!). It's just a disgusting mess. Somekind of blend of Chrome and IE with the worst features from both. These other browsers copied Firefox for a reason: because it was awesome. Don't be foolish and begin copying them in turn. Strange how now I'm probably stuck with this 3.x version of Firefox forever more now, unless they turn around and make some more radical changes to put Firefox 5 back to the 3.x UI.

What I don't like:

1) Tabs in the wrong place. 2) No status bar. 3) Unintuitive layout for the Stop/Home/Refresh buttons (and pretty much everything else.) 4) Download bar where the status bar should be.

There's more but these were the things that stood out that I can remember. I am aware you can change the layout, but why should I, when I can just not update to an inferior browser version in the first place?

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Yes, FF4 does suck, big time. Next time, hopefully, they won't use the ACME testing company in Bangladore before rolling out a new version.

And Tommy, you're absolutely right, Google Chrome sucks too.

I went back to 3.6, but apparently my bookmark organizer didn't come back. It USED to open in a separate page, not in a left hand column that some moron in programming decided was better for me.


Amazing, does Firefox actually PAY these morons?

Oh, and FF4 SUCKS.

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So, do the programming idiots at Firefox ever answer any questions, or are we on our own? The latter, I assume.

Oh, and don't forget, IE9 SUCKS too, so don't update to that. You should SEE how they make you jump through hoops to go back to IE8.

Man, who knew programmers were such morons.

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