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Firefox does not save the sound settings from sites, how do I fix it?

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I use Ubuntu OS, and I have this problem only with Firefox, it does not saves the video's audio settings level any site, always reset the audio channel by returning it to default. The audio is set to a medium level, but most of the time is too low and i can not hear it correctly, I have to increase the audio manually, by increasing the audio signal that appears in the OS sound panel, the Firefox audio signal in that moment, because strangely when i stop or pause, the video or audio playing, for about 10 to 15 seconds, Firefox kills the audio channel and then again to default. This does not happen with chrome, in this case the audio channel remains when paused or closed, the audio level is preserved. No audio program on the system has this problem, just Firefox. I do not use flash, just native Firefox capabilities to play video and audio. I already tried to set up html5 sound level to higher possible and it does not work.

Firefox *** kills the audio channel *** if it is not playing something in 10 to 15 seconds more or less, if I put it to play video or audio, Firefox *** creates a new audio channel *** with default settings. And it always do the same thing.

1 - Why does Firefox kills the video's or audio's -audio channel- from webpages i didn't close yet? - 2 - If FF will kill the audio channel anyway, why FF does not save the last audio settings? 3 - If I put the audio to the maximum in the html5 settings, why it does not use that settings, always low. 4 - This is not an OS problem, if that was the case chrome would also have the same problem since it also uses html5 only and does not have this problem. 5 - The OS manages two audio channels as windows, Firefox's channel and system's general channel, and only FF have this problem.

It is tired to be changing FF audio channel manually every time, I hope this have a solution.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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