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bookmarks.html file size

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My question is does file size of your FF Bookmarks matter, for example one of my firefox profile exported .html bookmark file size is 4,089kb.

My bookmarks crash every few months, and sometimes the only way I find to fix it is re-installing firefox and creating new profiles. I make two profiles by dividing the bookmarks of the first profile into two, by importing and exporting etc. Any further information, if the bookmarks size may be what causes the crashing would be appreciated. I'm no longer receiving error messages as I have done this, but the usual previous error message was much like "continuing to load, & chrome".

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It would probably be unusual if the number of bookmarks is causing crashes.

I suspect the size of the working database places.sqlite is more relevant than the size of the none standard HTML export of bookmark files. IIRC the database may handle 10s of thousands of bookmarks before it needs to clear History entries. (The db contains both History and Bookmarks).

One method to check the number of bookmarks you have is to search in the (Use Ctrl + Shift + B in Windows) Library for the colon : <- two dots punctuation key
If you scroll to the bottom without selecting anything, it will give a number indicating the total Bookmarks or History found. (Depending on which search option you used).

You probably need to try to work out initially whether what you see is a hang where firefox has frozen, or a crash where the process has crashed and stopped working entirely. See

If it is a hang: killing the Firefox process may enable it to restart. If it is a crash: you will need to read the above linked article and then obtain the CrashID by navigating to about:crashes

Both the above articles include some troubleshooting tips to try out.

If you think that it is the number of bookmarks then try creating a profile with a large number of bookmarks and see if crashes or hangs then occur.

(For instance

  1. create a new profile
  2. export the bookmarks from the two mini 1/2 profiles, using the HTML option
  3. import and append the html bookmarks to recreate a full size bookmarks library )

How many Bookmarks and History items do you have in each of your profiles ?

See also

Please back up your profiles for each profile before considering recreating any places.sqlite database.