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What is Firefox View?

Firefox View is your gateway to a seamless browsing experience, empowering you to fluidly transition tasks between devices. Whether you're picking up an article on your desktop that you started on your phone, or trying to retrieve a page you closed just moments ago, Firefox View has you covered. Here's a breakdown of what you can access:

  • Recent Browsing: View your active and recently closed tabs at a glance.
  • Opened Tabs: See all your current tabs organized for clear navigation.
  • Recently Closed Tabs: Quickly retrieve any tabs you've mistakenly closed.
  • Tabs from Other Devices: Sync with your Mozilla account to access tabs across all your devices effortlessly.
}Firefox View 1Fx106FirefoxView-win
  • Firefox View is available in Firefox version 106 and above. Starting in Firefox version 119, Firefox View includes new content. You will be able to see all open tabs, from all windows. If you sync open tabs, you’ll see all tabs from other devices. Browsing history will be listed and you can sort by date or by site. (This new content will be rolled out gradually so not everyone will see it). As before, recently closed tabs are also listed.
  • Firefox View does not appear in Private Browsing windows.

Set up Firefox View

While Firefox View is instantly functional, there are steps to maximize its potential:

Step 1: Create or sign in to a Mozilla account

To get the best experience, either sign in or create a Mozilla account to synchronize across devices. An account unlocks access to your open tabs and other synced data across your devices.

  1. Click the Firefox View icon Firefox View icon at the left side of the tabs bar to open the Firefox View panel. Firefox View can also be accessed via the Tools menu in the Firefox menu bar, if the Menu bar is enabled.
  2. Select the Tab from other devices section to log in to your Mozilla account (or to create one if you don't have it already).
    Firefox View 2
  3. After logging in, go back to the Firefox View panel.

Step 2: Install Firefox mobile

In order to access the tabs that are open on your mobile device from your laptop or desktop, you need to use Firefox on your phone and be signed in to your Mozilla account on both devices.

  • If you do not already have Firefox on another device logged into your account, you will see a suggestion to synchronize your cell phone or tablet. Click Get Firefox for mobile to install Firefox on your mobile device by scanning a QR code. You can also install it by following the steps for Android or iOS.

Once you have installed Firefox mobile, you are ready to sign in to your account there to sync devices.

Step 3: Enable tab syncing on Firefox mobile

This is the final step in completing the Firefox View setup. Once your account is set up and you’ve installed the mobile app, you can sync your devices. After this process is completed, go back to the Firefox View panel where you will see your synced tabs.

  • On Firefox desktop:
  1. On the top right, click Menu hamburguer button and click on your Mozilla account email or display name (you might need to sign in first).
  2. Select Connect another device….
  3. Click Sync your device to show a QR code for your Mozilla account.
  • Enable Sync on Firefox mobile:
    1. At the bottom of the screen, tap the menu button (the menu will be at the top right if you're using an iPad):
      Firefox iOS menu bar

      Tap the menu button. Settings icon - address bar - Fenix

    2. Tap Settings in the menu panel. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Sync and save data.
    4. Tap Ready to scan and capture the QR code to sign in to your Mozilla account and start syncing your data.

Once Sync is enabled, the most recent tabs and closed pages from your other devices will show under Tab pickup and Recently closed. Click the X next to a recently closed page to remove it from the list of Recently closed items.

Firefox View 3

How do I remove Firefox View from the tabs bar?

To remove the Firefox View pinned tab from your tabs bar:

  1. Right-clickHold down the control key while you click the Firefox View Firefox View icon icon.
  2. Select Remove from Toolbar. (You can also choose Pin to Overflow Menu.)
Firefox View 4Fx106FirefoxViewRemove-win

To bring it back:

  1. Right-clickHold down the control key while you click the tabs bar or toolbar.
  2. Select Customize Toolbar….
  3. Drag the Firefox View icon to wherever you like in the tabs bar or toolbar.
Firefox View 5Fx106FirefoxViewCustomize-win

To learn more about how to customize your toolbar, see the Customize Firefox controls, buttons and toolbars article.

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