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Java plug in only gives me option of ask before activation and Java off.

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more options

Java plug in only gives me the option of ask before activation and Java always Off. I have tried all the fixes available and was unable to fix it. This happened when I tried to play some games on POGO. I can go to Internet Explorer and the Java application works.

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more options


Potentially unsafe versions of the Java plugin are "Click to Play" blocked, meaning that you have to click to activate Java for each site. See the How to allow Java on trusted sites article for more information.

Note: To make sure that your Java plugin is working, you can visit the test pages listed in the article, Use the Java plugin to view interactive content on websites. If an "Activate Java" message box appears, click inside the box to activate the Java plugin.

When you see the "Activate Java" message box, simply click it to load the Java content normally.


If there is no visible area to activate Java content in the page, click the red plugin icon in the address bar. In the message panel that opens, choose "Allow Now" to enable Java content temporarily.


The next time you visit the site or any other that uses Java you will see this message again.

If you want to always activate Java for a particular site, you can use the "Allow and Remember" option shown above.

After activating Java, you may also see a "Security Warning" dialog box, asking you to confirm that you want to run Java. This warning comes from Java itself, not from Firefox.

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