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How to stop Firefox from flashing when going to or any other website with a white background?

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I have just installed the newest version of Firefox, which, by default and when I change to another theme, follows my PC settings for "default app mode" concerning light or dark. I should also mention that I'm using the New Tab Homepage extension, which will bring you to your homepage when opening a new tab. When I open a new tab, while loading my homepage or when I go to another page with a white background, there is a quick flash from the default Firefox theme, "A theme with the operating system color scheme".

If I set my PC theme to light, I have no issues whatsoever. But if I leave it set to dark, regardless whether or not I change to a different Firefox theme, the flashing still occurs. Even after disabling the extension, then opening a new tab and manually hit the home button taking me to, there is a flash.

I and my girlfriend are severely photosensitive and I'm afraid this will cause a seizure. How do I resolve this issue?

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have you installed any add on s ? try uninstalling them or disabling them and try again , I faced the same problem while I am using a dark theme add on, you could try that, or else make sure you have enough RAM xD