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Emboyke pytyvõha apovai. Ndorojeruremo’ãi ehenói térã eñe’ẽmondóvo pumbyrýpe ha emoherakuãvo marandu nemba’etéva. Emombe’u tembiapo imarãkuaáva ko “Marandu iñañáva” rupive.

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No longer have the sign in email

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I no long have the original sign in email - it has been COMPLETELY deleted and the account also deleted. When I try to make changes to bring my Fiefox account up to date Firefox keps send security codes to the DEAD email address so I can never reach them. What now. Can I have my account deleted and start over, if so how ? You cannot email me with posible solitions unless you use my secondary email. I was unable to change that to the primary.

Nde eikéke nde mba’etepe embohovái hag̃ua ñe’ẽmondo. Ikatúpa, emoñepyrũ peteĩ porandu, ndereguerekói gueteriramo nemba’ete.