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Weird Scrolling with version 83

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Good Morning

Today I had to repair Firefox and after restarting, I felt a strange scrolling sensation, it was not the normal Firefox scrolling, I even thought I had openend the wrong I went check about:config , and found some values where changed as new default values:

general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS 200 general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMinMS 50

I tought it was me the problem so I installed an older version of Firefox (80.0) in order to compare, and found a normal scrolling and those values:

general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS 400 general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMinMS 200

I think this is a mistake from devs, if i wanted to have horrible scrolling, I could just use Edge instead of Firefox, could you please bring the original scrolling back to Firefox?


Athraithe ag Wolfy ar

Réiteach roghnaithe

I am still using version 82.0.3 because of the scrolling issue. I would like to update to current version but not if the scrolling isn't fixed. Does anyone know?

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There is also a new key:

general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.migrationPercent 100

what does this "100%" mean?

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I could have posted exactly what Wolfy did, it fits what happened to me perfectly. Why did you change this????? I have a computer less than a year old and Edge always scrolled like this which is why I always used Firefox. Now Firefox is doing the same thing. What's up? And I don't understand those migration codes, I just want FIrefox to scroll like it did 2 days ago

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I agree this new scrolling is absolutely awful. I initially thought it was a problem with my trackpad drivers but no it's just firefox. I tried editing those settings in config but it doesn't really help. I will be switching to chrome until this is fixed.

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Is this scrolling issue fixed? I uninstalled and reinstalled an earlier version of Firefox. It is the only browser that has decent scrolling and now the new version is just like the others. I have no idea how to fix, I have tried all my computer settings, have spent hours with Microsoft to fix Edge and they could not fix it either.

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Same issue. No setting I modify seems to have any effect on mouse wheel scrolling. Duration, migration, msdPhysics, spring constants, delta ratios... I've tried everything. The arrow keys are how I want them, it smooth scrolls in a linear fashion for a certain duration, then comes to an abrupt halt. That's what I want. That's how it was before. When I scroll with the wheel, however, it does this weird hyperbolic slow down and takes over 3 seconds to come to a complete stop. It's intolerable. I'm not using a touch pad, it's not my mouse drivers, other programs/browsers are fine. I don't want my desktop software to act like a mobile device where you flick a touch screen and give it momentum, I just want it to scroll, and stop. I've already switched to a Chromium based browser but I'd like to come back, just thought I would give the old "search for the problem" another try. I really hope they either fix this or make it clear what setting controls this.

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This may be a MS problem. I get weird scroll in various menus in MS Select Tabs. The screen scrolls to the bottom.

In FF, the tabs bar scroll fast to the right. Trying to click on a cut/paste etc doesn't work unless I freatly reduce screen Zoom.

Blame Billy. I am.

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Réiteach Roghnaithe

I am still using version 82.0.3 because of the scrolling issue. I would like to update to current version but not if the scrolling isn't fixed. Does anyone know?

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Hi @jumpnjil,

Look at my first post I provided a workaround to manually change those values in about:config so you can use the known scrolling in new Firefox versions:

general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMaxMS 400 general.smoothScroll.mouseWheel.durationMinMS 200

Hope this helps!

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See also this bug report.

  • Bug 1659784 - Mouse wheel scrolling is not smooth when slowly rolling mousewheel

(please do not comment in bug reports

Athraithe ag cor-el ar

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Thank you Wolfy, but this was not a fix for me so we apparently did not have the same problem as I thought. I have researched this a lot and it seems to have something to do with Precision trackpads and the Chromium Engine. I thought it was possible that Firefox had started using the Chromium engine but I can't seem to find out if that has happened or not. All browsers I have tried have this awful scrolling except the older version of Firefox, so now I have to download it again. It is very frustrating. Glad it was a fix for you!

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UPDATE: The ONLY way I could get my smooth and fast scrolling was to uninstall Firefox 86 and install the Extended Support Browser which doesn't have all the new options but really all I want is a quirk-free browser. May or may not be an option for others but it works for me

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When I am searching in Google Maps my mouse scroll zooms in and out too fast and is uncontrollable. I see others have the same issue but I do not see a fix. I read a lot of stuff with code changes and I am not a coders. Im just a simple user that needs it to work. I do not have the problems when I use Chrome. This is so annoying that I have to stop using FF. Nor do I want to search for hours hoping to find a fix that I have enough understanding to fix.

I seams that this has been an issue for some time. Let me know when it is fixed and I will use FF again but until then I have work to do and I cant use it this way.

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jumpnjil said

I am still using version 82.0.3 because of the scrolling issue. I would like to update to current version but not if the scrolling isn't fixed. Does anyone know?

Man, you saved my life! Noticed same laggy ****, but was postponing this issue to "sometime later". Today I resolved a bunch of issues with my code, and so turn came for this one as well. Installed 82.0.3 and all is working as smooth as before.

It is sad that Mozilla keeps releasing an updates that ruin some of comfortable user experience... I even couldn't transfer my local profile between some previous versions, as well as between 89 and 82.0.3(needed to create another online profile for such purpose, 'cause I use separate regular and developer profiles[they are not fully compatible too]).

P.S. Answering your question: no, current release(89.0.X), still has the same problem. It seems 82.0.3 will become my another "halt" point of browser updating... 56.0 was nice for quite a long time(and that's why I noticed that scrolling there is more comfortable, and something is off in current dev edition). It's already fully multi-threaded, so I don't know what must happen to the internet so I can't use this version for my best.

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