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Firefox is stuck at 65.0 - refuses to upgrade to 66... ?!

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Stable at 65 for some weeks, but refuses to update now from the "splash screen" (which announces which version I have) ... never got any post-65.0 updates; should I have?

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Over the hump, with 66.0.3 ... but it was not particularly straightforward. However I didn't document the details.

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Note: am not logged-in with Admin privs, never needed that before for a version update. Help??

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If you have trouble with the upgrade, use this link;

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Logged-in as Admin, tried again, and the update to 66 apparently went smoothly (using it now). Is this a new requirement: can ONLY update Firefox from a priv'd account?? (on Windows 7 btw)

Were there any "point-releases" between 65.0 and 66.0?

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You should not need Admin privilege unless it was turned on.

Shut down Firefox. Using your file browser, open the Programs Folder on your computer.

Windows: C:\Program Files C:\Program Files (x86)

Right click on Firefox.exe and select Properties. Now select Compatibility. Turn Off Run This Program In Compatibility Mode, and Run This Program As An Administrator.

Do the same for any Firefox shortcuts you have. Now restart Firefox.

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I will try this but it's VERY clunky! Why is there no simple "upgrade to 66" button somewhere (for stable 65 customers) ?? My hunch is you're ASS-U-MEing something that's FALSE.

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Did NOT work. 65 is in c:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\... (as best I can tell). Firefox.exe in that tree is from January, but *is* 65.

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If I "shut down Firefox" I lose access to this thread. You want me to access Support from a different browser?? Why is there no simple "upgrade" button??

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This forum can be accessed using any web browser, including Win IE.

Let’s do a full clean re-install;

Note: Firefox comes in three or more folders on all computers. They are;

Maintenance: (Programs Folder) <Windows Only> Firefox itself: (Programs Folder) And two folders in the profile of each user on the computer for each Firefox profile for that user.

If you remove the Firefox folder, the user profiles would not be affected.

Download Firefox For All languages And Systems {web link}

Save the file. Then Close Firefox.

Using your file browser, open the Programs Folder on your computer.

Windows: C:\Program Files C:\Program Files (x86) Note: Check Both Folders

Mac: Open the "Applications" folder.

Linux: Check your user manual. If you installed Firefox with the distro-based package manager, you should use the same way to uninstall it. See Install Firefox on Linux;

If you downloaded and installed the binary package from the Firefox download page, simply remove the folder Firefox in your home directory. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Look for, and remove any Mozilla or Firefox program folders. Do not remove the Mozilla Thunderbird folder if there is one.

Do Not remove any profile folders.

After rebooting the computer, run a registry scanner if you have one. Then run the installer. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ If there is a problem, start your Computer in safe mode and try again. This shows how to Start all Computers in Safe Mode; Free Online Encyclopedia

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These instructions are NOT working!

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Will I lose any of my config/passwords/settings if I do a clean re-install?? That is NOT good.

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I installed 65 **and ran the 65-66 upgrade** **several weeks ago** from an Admin account (documented that experience in this forum previously).

I am NOT logged-in with admin privs *now.* I'm guessing that THAT is the problem; do I effectively have two separate implementations on one computer??

Should I go over to the admin account and re-log-in from there, or...? I speculate that this is a problem...? Yes??

I *really* don't want to lose a DECADE's worth of Firefox configuration here!

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Should I log out, and come back as Admin? or...???

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Will log out here and come back from a completely different browser, on the same PC. Is that the right path?

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You should install Firefox as a normal user and not as administrator. The Firefox Maintenance Service is a separate program that allows to install updates in the background (you need to grant UAC permission).

Did you uninstall Firefox and remove the Firefox program folder?

  • (64-bit Firefox) "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\"
  • (32-bit Firefox) "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\"

You may have to reboot the computer and confirm that this folder is still not present.

Download the Firefox installer and save the file to the desktop
* Start the installation as a normal user with a double-click on the desktop icon.

If you keep having problems then boot the computer in Windows Safe Mode with network support and repeat the action for a clean reinstall (remove the Firefox program folder).

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Am back using IE for this session, logged into the same PC, as my common non-Admin user ID.

Will that help? Have made no other changes that I recall. Given the confusion, I want to be VERY sure we don't make things worse.

What is the recommended path? I'm beginning to think that a fresh install of 66 might be sensible after all, but I don't want to (can't afford to!) lose any profile-specific data like saved UIDs/PWs...?!!

Also confirmed there are no other browsers active on this computer... but I do see TWO IE processes! (is that normal?)

One is iexplore.exe, the other is iexplore.exe*32, both are under my non-Admin ID.

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(I did NOT un-install anything!!)

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Beginning to think I should perhaps do a full backup as a safety precaution...?

I only have DVDs at hand, though, and that'd be very painful. Awaiting arrival of a USB-connected external drive. Perhaps I should prioritize THAT at this stage... will prob have it in-hand by Wed. if not sooner. Then I can do a full backup while we sort out the browsers??

Logging out for the night.

Athraithe ag BillM ar

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iexplore.exe is likely the 64-bit version and iexplore.exe*32 the 32-bit version.

Your personal data is stored in another hidden location in "AppData\Roaming" and shouldn't be affected by reinstalling Firefox as long as you do not remove personal data when you uninstall Firefox.

You can use the button on the "Help -> Troubleshooting Information" (about:support) page to go to the current Firefox profile folder or use the about:preferences page.

See also:

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Réiteach Roghnaithe

Over the hump, with 66.0.3 ... but it was not particularly straightforward. However I didn't document the details.

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