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Crashing of Firefox frequently

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Below are the Report ID details for the crash reports :

1) bp-3329a068-e4fd-4717-9cf2-343da2160225

2) bp-018480cf-1a98-499a-af3f-a82002160225

3) bp-69e73dff-9de3-4150-94b3-4c25f2160223

4) bp-855fe47f-21f1-458f-a020-8e6622160223

5) bp-36120f46-3b05-46bb-9e2d-5b6ec2160223

In a day Firefox crashes for more than 10 times and I need an immediate resolutions

Regards, Bharath

Below are the Report ID details for the crash reports : 1) bp-3329a068-e4fd-4717-9cf2-343da2160225 2) bp-018480cf-1a98-499a-af3f-a82002160225 3) bp-69e73dff-9de3-4150-94b3-4c25f2160223 4) bp-855fe47f-21f1-458f-a020-8e6622160223 5) bp-36120f46-3b05-46bb-9e2d-5b6ec2160223 In a day Firefox crashes for more than 10 times and I need an immediate resolutions Regards, Bharath
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Hi Bharath, Sorry you are having problems with Firefox crashing. I will try to help. Taking an educated guess I would say your security software is outdated.

What security related software do you have installed ?

  • Please give full names and version numbers.
    • Include details of all the none essential bundled|optional extras you have installed
  • Please ensure all the security related applications are fully updated.

In all probability some of your security related software is outdated. Note it may be some none essential bundled software that is the issue not your core product.

The file

__DLPSyringe__.DLL 	9.6.1203.12001 

Is involved with your crashes. Could that be part of something with a name like RSA DLP Endpoint

Forum note

  • Reports for your Crash ID
    bp- 36120f46-3b05-46bb-9e2d-5b6ec2160223
  • Crash Signature: __dlpsyringe__.dll@0x248f87
  • A file involved __DLPSyringe__.DLL 9.6.1203.12001 BEEEA3896971443C94370ECA67DAAD111
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Hi John,

Below are the details of the software with the version number : McAfee Agent Version number:

McAfee SiteAdvsior Enterprise Plus Version number:

McAfee VirusScan Enterprise - AntiSpyware Enterprise Version Number: 8.8.0 (

I have update the software as per your guidance but still I am facing the problem and it is really annoying as I am working on multiple sites. In addition to this I am not sure what .DLL file refers to and where can I find it except from the crash report ID.

Below are the details of the crash report ID's experiencing from morning :

1).bp-880734a2-cc7a-47fd-a1fe-69ff92160226 2).bp-faecbc4b-822a-4fa7-b8ba-2ce202160226 3).bp-8b9a2805-9e47-482d-a3e5-ad7e52160226 4).bp-866e4e11-ff9b-425d-97e6-026442160226 5).bp-c72eea44-3093-4354-ac63-88c9e2160226

Kindly resolve this issue at the earliest

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mbae.dll = Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

__dlpsyringe__.dll = RSA DLP Endpoint™ = RSA Security

Disable / update All of your protection programs.

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Thanks for the prompt response... I have stopped the Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit program but still I am experiencing the problem.

Below is the report ID :


Regards, Bharath

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RSA DLP Endpoint™ = RSA Security

You must disable this.

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Dear Fred,

There was a program called RSA discovery agent which I have disabled it.

Let's see if it has solved my problem

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Security software components sometimes seem to crop up under different names. I guess the Companies producing this sell it under differing product brand names. Then for obvious versions some of the software is made difficult to disable.

You are using Enterprise software so maybe you have multiple computers with this issue and a Company IT Department that may help you. Also McAfee has extensive support facilities including support site

One thing surprising me is that the Crash signature you see is consistent and repeats, for you, yet it is not a frequent signature on Firefox's database. It is a rare signature.

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Dear Team,

Seems like the problem is not resolved completely. Firefox has started crashing all over again and below are the details for the crash reports.

bp-53f68489-f897-4d9b-a007-e7fd82160307 bp-295b60cd-9bac-4969-94bb-f5eb12160307 bp-d813ffdb-5027-4c75-bccb-297ec2160303 bp-c1bb1d6e-dac1-463c-bba5-7010b2160303 bp-e5426a54-6027-49b1-b392-0142c2160303

Kindly provide me a permanent resolution to the same.

I am finding it very difficult on a day-day basis with the same problem repeating again and again.

Regards, Bharath

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That is still a problem with __dlpsyringe__.dll that is part of RSA DLP Endpoint software from RSA Security Inc.

You will have to disable this component for Firefox and get support from your IT department if you didn't install this software yourself.

Athraithe ag cor-el ar

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Yes I have disabled the RSA DLP Endpoint software.

However, the problem still persists.

Regards, Bharath

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The crash report flagged these programs;

mbae.dll = Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

__dlpsyringe__.dll = RSA DLP Endpoint™ = RSA Security

Try disabling them both.

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You appear to be using enterprise software as you mentioned in your post #answer-849013. Sometimes security software is difficult to disable completely. If this software was installed by your Company contact your IT department as cor-el suggested #answer-852485

If you are sure the software has been disabled -- or better still temporarily remove it -- and you still get crashes please let us have a couple of fresh Crash IDs.

Of course you should ensure your security software is fully updated and you may wish to report your issues to the security company as their software is directly involved

However this crash signature is not very common at all. That is one reason that make me wonder if it is outdated security software. Does no one else in your company get crashes on other machines using Firefox?

Athraithe ag John99 ar

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Dear Team,

These are the fresh report ID for your reference :

1) bp-5111b3e2-6240-41a7-8e03-01a802160308

2) bp-2f12bc29-ca22-4c8a-b63a-046972160308

3) bp-024d1839-fa9a-41bf-a0b0-7e18a2160308

Still experiencing the problem and have disabled both the softwares...

Regards, Bharath

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Few more crashes for your reference.

Please let me know how can I stop this issue permanently as this is really causing a lot of problem to my professional activities.

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Hi Bharath, are these crashes happening on a work computer or home computer?

Also the newest crashes are showing the same file: __DLPSyringe__.DLL

I recommend you search the system for this file and delete it to your Recycle bin. Then try to use Firefox again. I believe as long as this file exists on your system, whether you disabled it or not, it is still somehow talking to Firefox.

If this is a work computer, they could have set it up so that you can not disable or delete the RSA software. In this case, you need to walk to your IT office and explain the situation. Ask if they can disable the software so you can test if Firefox will stop crashing.

After watching a video of RSA DLP Endpoint, it is something that monitors all your outgoing internet data to catch any kind of suspicious data (credit card/social security numbers, etc.) being sent out of your company. Your computer could be infected and trying to send out security sensitive data and Firefox could be crashing because of that. Tell your IT dept. to check RSA DLP Endpoint for ANY logs from your computer and what do they say.

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Actually I don't think you're the only one getting these crashes from RSA DLP Endpoint. Others are too:

If your IT dept. can't help you disable it, we can file a bug to reach out to RSA to tell them their software is crashing Firefox again. Can you make sure RSA is the company that makes your Endpoint software? I know it says RSA but McAfee, Symantec, Websense and many others have their own DLP Endpoint software too.

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Dear Team,

Again I am experiencing the crashing of fire fox.

Below are the report ID's for your reference :

1). bp-d3af356b-0435-4cd4-8d26-c54da2160321 2). bp-37eafad2-20de-4646-aa69-ba7c92160318 3). bp-3b4b36ba-5d60-4ec2-af62-c808a2160316 4). bp-1fad668f-bf64-4302-a7ee-f53392160316 5). bp-93c10b45-4af8-4f91-a559-3cb112160316 6). bp-2fbbe237-e29f-4bdb-ade2-a7dbc2160316

Kindly let me know if this continues I might have to change my browser altogether.

Regards, Bharath

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Yes I did check with IT team and they had mention they could only support Internet Explorer and Chrome.

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It would help us if you are able to say exactly what names and versions of security software is in use ? Specifically we are wondering who is supplying the Endpoint Security and files dlpsyringe

Security software is normally designed to work with Firefox. When it does not it is normally a fault that security software firms try to fix. Of course if the security software is outdated it will probably not work with Firefox (and it possibly will not function adequately as security software even on other browsers).

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Dear John,

The security software used in my office laptop is :

1) McAfee Agent and version is 2) Malwarebytes Anti-Malware and product version is

RSA DLP Discovery Agent and its product version is 9.6.1203.12

Let me know in case you need additional details.

Regards, Bharath

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