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Why is my ZTE Open unable to update Firefox OS?


Everytime i hit button check for update there is an error message 'problem to download update'.

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postal2600 0 solutions 10 answers

I managed to download the update after like 7 attempts, and now when i try to install it I have an "Error 7" error. I know how to modify the installation package to get rid of the assertion that generates this error, but I have a feeling that it will yield another error.

I wanted to give my Spanish bought ZTE Open to my girlfriend and buy an UK one from eBay, but seeing that those have the same problems, now I don't know what FFOS phone to get and from where :(

thecore 0 solutions 4 answers

Nice variant- build manually Firefox OS for ZTE Open. I'm using info from this page + added russian locale interface


pre1.3 is very stable and nice.

But i never buy another ZTE device. If manufacturer not interested problems of users, then users is not interested the manufacturer.

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sharkmobile 0 solutions 4 answers

I do believe this is my first and only ZTE device. Everyone says we're here to help but then give you generic answers dating back months. Another Firefox OS phone will come out may be by a company who cares about customers that spend their money on a product.

LostSon 0 solutions 7 answers

So here we are several weeks after the 1.1 release and still no update for my zte phone. Just wanted to say a big thank you to Mozilla and ZTE for making sure we could get this update and enjoy our experience. Sad part is I bought the phone because the price was reasonable and I could not afford a fancy phone with some other OS on it. Only now to find out I could of spent that money on something much more worth while as well ZTE U.S. users just got fscked out of our money, thanks again!

Tyler Downer
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Please compare FirefoxOS Update speeds with Android, where new versions of Android can take months to roll out to devices. Mozilla has done everything we could to get 1.1 out quickly, ZTE is now preparing the update for their devices. Please be patient and know the update is coming. Contact ZTE if you'd like to complain about the speed.

LostSon 0 solutions 7 answers

Yeah it's always the other guys fault, no reason this should not be hitting our phones by now.

sharkmobile 0 solutions 4 answers

I do not want to compare Android to Firefox. That's the whole point of going with Firefox. If I have to compare I will just stick my SIM back in my Note 2

LostSon 0 solutions 7 answers

So while waiting for my ZTE to update this little gem today


How can this be when I already have my ZTE Firefox OS phone and use it everyday? News like this is discouraging to all of us in the states that bought this phone, while we wait for an update that just isn't coming now this.
fleamour 4 solutions 52 answers

ZTE eBay support told me the update is due next week. An awful lot is riding on 1.1!

LostSon 0 solutions 7 answers

I hope you are right Fleamour

fleamour 4 solutions 52 answers

I asked for a concrete date, currently no reply.

fleamour 4 solutions 52 answers

I reckon they hit upon a problem or two as Spanish Movistar ZTEs rolled out OTA 1.1 update in Oct, if I'm correct? At this rate 1.2 will birth.

julienw 0 solutions 2 answers

We especially encountered this bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=936793

It's been fixed now but the various vendors will need to create and validate new builds (if they want this patch of course).

Doramia 1 solutions 20 answers

Why can't firefox give us updates? I am having a ton of issues building from source, why is firefox pointing their fingers at ZTE when it could simply compile and release the updates?

andria 0 solutions 6 answers

I think that ZTE open is too slow fot fOS 1.1. So they never will uptdate it beacause it could cause many problems. sorry :(

Doramia 1 solutions 20 answers

I think that ZTE open is too slow fot fOS 1.1. So they never will uptdate it beacause it could cause many problems. sorry :( '

No, wrong.

Many people have built 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3. They are available free from Mozilla, but they won't give compiled versions, just source for us to compile. and make.

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ZTE has to release updates to you over the air because ZTE compiles the update based on the region of your device. We cannot do that, we do however work together with ZTE to make sure the update released includes what we want but we can't guarantee when the update will be released.

Doramia 1 solutions 20 answers

There is no reason why they couldn't release ZIPs so we could udate them manually, without having to compile it ourselves.

LostSon 0 solutions 7 answers

I really hope you are incorrect I am still waiting for the update to my ZTE phone. Unfortunately the way this is going it may never happen.

Doramia 1 solutions 20 answers

1.1 has already been released to in Spain.