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Why can I not open a new tab in the new Firefox? (via the + sign or Ctrl T)

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In the new interface on Firefox (which started for me today ... May 2 ...), I cannot open a new tab via the "+" sign along the top or by using Ctrl + T. If I want more than one thing open at the same time, I need to open a "New Window", which doesn't make much sense. I don't necessarily want a bunch of windows but may need a few tabs open at the same time.

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Hi bmail, on two other things:

(1) cut paste, etc

You can drag Cut Copy Paste from the top of the menu to the toolbar.

(2) "loading" circle

This is called the "throbber" and I'm not sure how to move it from its normal per-tab position.

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To Cor-el and jscher2000. THANK YOU!!! That worked like a charm! It's back where I wanted it.

Now about that web loading circle...How can I get that back next to the "+" sign?

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"This is called the "throbber" and I'm not sure how to move it from its normal per-tab position."

That's too bad. I guess I was one of only a small hand full of people that found putting the throbber (didn't know what it was called) to the far right a nice feature, otherwise I would guess FF would have kept that option.

Well it was still great to get my "+" back. Thanks again for helping me fix the "+" and the quick replies.

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