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-win 7 64 - all Firefox versions (tested 17 to 20.b) keep crashing unless used in XP sp3 compatibility

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Since yesterday my firefox keeps crashing, sometimes I get the option to reset firefox or start in safe mode. Only using the safe mode firefox works properly (but without plugins/addons)

So I did a fresh reinstall (without add ons etc) thinking to fix the problem. I was using v19 when all this happened then downgraded to v17 in the hope to fix it. By now I've tried v17 to v20b and all keep crashing when used 'normally' After the fresh install I no longer have the option to use the firefox safe mode.

If my memory serves me correctly I had just update Java around the time of the first crash. I also tried to use the auto update of win7 but those failed. So I've also uninstalled all java components, installed firefox fresh and tried to launch firefox, before and after reinstalling java.

in all situations is crashes right away.

The only way to make firefox work now is using the winXP (sp3) compatibility from windows.

I have no win7 system restore points so this is no option to use. All other software (and browser) work fine.. only firefox crashes all the time.

how to solve this? I have looked around and followed all suggestions I could find to topics slightly related to mine, but nothing works.

here are my 5 last crash reports:






and two from yesterday before I freshly installed firefox



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Disable Hardware Acceleration, does that work? Turning off hardware acceleration

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Disable Hardware Acceleration, does that work? Turning off hardware acceleration

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darn, that did the trick! why didn't I think of that last night :(

Any idea if (from disk) deleted history data is still recoverable with a file-restore software? (what file to look for? ) :)

thanks for the help!

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You can try looking for it, no guarantees though.

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do you know what file it is specifically?

have been looking in the user/local/firefox and user/roaming/firefox folder, but it has a bunch of files in there, not sure which one should keep the history tracked..

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aah, my intuition was right and i was looking for the correct file :) unfortunately there was none recoverable..

thanks anyways!