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Firefox slow down computer (plug-in container)

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I changed my default browser to Firefox about 2 years ago, version 3.x. Regularly I had problem regarding computer slow down: in the beginning, Firefox would suddenly trash the disk, and the only way to stop him was to turn the computer OFF. But that was corrected. I run on Windows XP SP3.

And then in version 4.x, the plug-in problem appeared... I am now running version 5.0, and still the problem persists. As soon as I start Firefox, the CPU usage is between 90% and 100%. This is really a pain.

I know there are a lot of posts about disabling the plug-in container. I just tried it... The plug-in container does not hug the CPU anymore, it is firefox.exe that hugs it ! Still 100% CPU usage !!!

I like Firefox a lot, but this problem makes it unusable on my computer. Will Mozilla ever solve this problem ? I am considering uninstalling Firefox, which makes me crazy. Please do something.