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Firefox ignores installed Fonts (OpenDyslexic) after update (Mac)

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after an update Firefox doesn't list Fonts I used to use on all websites.

Firefox: 83.0 MacOs 10.13.6

Usually the fonts are installed under /Users/myUser/Library/Fonts and FF respected those and I was able to choose them from the drop down list. I already tried to install the fonts system-wide (/Library/Fonts) but still no luck, which is unfortunate, because I am dyslexic and those fonts actually make a huge difference for me. FontBook lists them perfectly.

Regards, Michael

Edit: Fresh profile saved the day. Do not know how to delete the question, though.

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In case others come looking for solutions to the original question here, although a fresh profile has solved it for you:

If you go to about:config and search for the setting "layout.css.font-visibility.level", is it set to 2? If so, this is an experimental feature designed to make it harder for websites to "fingerprint" your browser and track you without your knowledge/consent, but to do this, it blocks sites from using extra fonts you have installed.

You can reset this setting to 3 to restore access to all fonts, at the cost of possibly decreased privacy.


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