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Why is this feature gone? Firefox allowed one-way syncing in the old days.

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This archived post feature no longer exists.


Why not? Are there any alternatives? I want to be able to add bookmarks, add-ons, logins,etc temporarily on my portable machines and then reset them back to my main machine. If I make a change on my main machine, I want to sync that to all the portable ones but not the other way around.

Other than having a profile set up with no logins, bookmarks, add-ons, etc then turning off syncing in the main profile then copying its files to my main profile on a machine then turning on syncing in the main profile, is there any sensible alternative?

One problem now is that you forget to remove logins, bookmarks, passwords,add-ons that you have temporarily added, syncing will pass that bad information to all the machines then each machine needs to be updated with the correct information.

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