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Why, when I mark a message "Not Spam", does the subject line still show "{SPAM x.y} ..."?

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Until recently, when I marked a message in the Spam box "Not Spam" it would be transferred to the Inbox stripped of the "{SPAM x.y}" subject line. Now the spam prefix is still in the subject line after the message has been marked "Not Spam". Can this behaviour be changed back to what it was?

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What email are you using? firefox is just a browser.

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Sorry. In my frustration I just went to the help option without registering it was for the wrong software. I'll eat humble pie.

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Well it appears someone has moved your thread to the Thunderbird support forum. Are you using Thunderbird?

Note that Thunderbird never ever has changed the subject of emails with things like [spam] that is in almost all cases poorly written anti virus products that are meddling in email and providers web mail spam filters. I would guess your email provider is the root of your issue as I am not aware of any "Security suites" that remove their spam assessment once made.