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Firefox 62.0 no longer lets our PC web cameras take pictures. Thoughts?

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We are a small organization and have an app that must use FF for all app features to function correctly. Our workstations (PC desktops) have Logitech cameras installed via USB 2.0.

Before the FF 62.0 update, our cameras would allow us to go into the app and take/save a picture. However, after the update, the camera feature will not fully load on any workstations (it just displays a white screen background).

We tested this in Chrome and can confirm that the app lets you take/save pictures with no problem. But we need the cameras to work in FF for full app functionality.

Any guidance on how to resolve this bug within FF? The camera drivers are up-to-date and we even uninstalled/reinstalled with no success. We believe something in the last FF 62.0 update triggered this problem, but need a workaround or resolution.


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Hey FFus3r,

I read through this article and it didn't help unfortunately. We've been through the steps and made sure that the Logitech cameras were to set Allow on the list of websites (that as the chosen solution).

Also, that article didn't fully reach a resolution on how it go resolved; it looked like the user just picked the last setting that somehow made it work.

Any other ideas?

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Rightclick the camera screen and go to settings, Then allow flash player to use your webcam.

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Hey FFus3r,

We R-Clicked on camera screen but there is no option to Allow Flash Player.

The way our software works is that you first CLICK on a picture and you have the option to TAKE or CANCEL. Once you TAKE the picture, you have the option to SAVE.

Unfortunately, when we get the TAKE or CANCEL prompt, it just shows a white background when it should show a live background (or wherever camera is pointing). I've attached several images that may or may not help.

Thanks for the continued support.

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do you have flash player installed?

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That’s correct. Flash is installed.

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is it up to date?

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It should be but we will double check. Even if it’s 1 version behind and the cameras work in chrome, this could still break in FF if not up to date?

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and make sure you installed the Flash plugin. https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/