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iPad 3 iOS 9.3.5.. any support?

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Hello! I have an iPad 3 that is the unwanted stepchild of Apple. The reduce, reuse, recycle scheme of Apple seems to be only recycle (send to a 3rd world nation... That, from what I understand, wouldn't be able to use the iPad in the first place since Safari is not updatable) and buy a new Apple product.

On your page it states to "learn how to install Firefox on your iPhones iPads and iPods running iOS 8 and up" ; I have an iPad 3 iOS 9.3.5.. Yet there is only a link to get Firefox when I am running iOS 10 and later.

Is there any support for older machines? Or is Mozilla siding with Apple allowing them to get more money for their trillion dollar company?

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Firefox for iOS is at version 13.2

The Firefox shell for iOS devices has required iOS 10.3 at minimum since Firefox 10.0 however to fully use some features you need iOS 11.0 at minimum. The old Firefox 9.0 and earlier did require iOS 8.2+ at minimum.

https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/ios/10.0/system-requirements/ https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/ios/12.0/system-requirements/