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why do I have to have the new look with the update? Can't I keep the older look easily?

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I really dislike that the new firefox 57 comes with a new layout with no easy option to move back to an older look.

I personally dislike the hard edges to the tabs and the boxy look, the rounded corners of >56 are nice to look at, this new layout is very "soulless corporate" in my opinion.

Is there a way to retain the looks of a previous version while getting the updates and so forth from the new version?

Yours hopefully

A Sincerely Disappointed Long Term FireFox'r!

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more options

You can modify the appearance of the tabs using a custom style rule. This involves creating a userChrome.css file and copy/pasting a style recipe that achieves the look you want. Possibly with some fine tuning.

Compared with installing an extension and checking boxes to choose shapes and colors, it is more challenging, but you likely can get what you want if you can invest 15 minutes in it.

I made a website with more info on the userChrome.css file: https://www.userchrome.org/

Examples of style recipes that give you curvy tabs are:

I have not tried those myself so I don't have a specific recommendation. Maybe this weekend.