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Have installed Sync on 2 Desktop PC Win 7, Mac iBook G4 OSX 10.4 & Toshiba Laptop XP Pro. Sync works on all except Toshiba Laptop. Why won't Laptop Sync?

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2 Desk Top WIN 7 Ultimate computers 1 Mac iBook G4 PPC Laptop running Mac OS X 10.4.11 1 Toshiba M45-S355 Laptop running WIN XP Pro All with FireFox latest release version (Mac running latest TenForFox) All have FF Sync installed (New install)

Desktop PC's and Mac iBook all sync properly. Toshiba Laptop will not sync Bookmarks. Nothing seems to make it possible for the Toshiba Laptop to sync. Would appreciate if someone can tell me what to do to make Toshiba Laptop to sync.

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See if that device has generated an Sync Error Logs.

Type about:sync-log in the URL Bar and hit Enter. Do you see any error logs?

If so, view the latest Error Log. You may copy'n'paste the Error Log to http://pastebin.mozilla.org/ and then give us the resultant URL after using the Send button [probably best to select 'a month' for that posting]. We can then review the Error Log to see what is up with that device and Sync.

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Thanks for your email. Here is the URL for the Pastebin upload of logs as were requested: https://pastebin.mozilla.org/8850563.

Three logs from 3 of my machines were all posted together as one with individual notations as to which came from which machine and the date time. All 3 logs were the latest available from FireFox.

The logs were posted under the name Roy kg5dbu@arrl.net

I appreciate the assistance.very much.

Regards Roy kg5dbu@arrl.net

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In case of issues with Sync you can try this:

Disconnect from Sync and Reconnect to Sync again.

You can disconnect from Sync by clicking the e-mail address in the "3-bar" Firefox menu button drop-down list or go to "Options/Preferences > Sync".

Remove an existing chrome://FirefoxAccounts entry in the Firefox Password Manager.

If that isn't enough then delete the prefs.js files to reset all prefs and maybe also delete the compatibility.ini file to reinitialize the profile.

Delete and re-create the FxA account or change the Sync password. Make sure that you do not clear the passwords via "Clear History when Firefox closes" Note that changing the Sync password will wipe all data stored on th Sync server.

Delete the signedInUser.json file in the Firefox profile folder and delete the Weave folder (Sync was formerly named Weave).

You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder:

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I tried all you recommended, including Sync password change, all without success. The Toshiba laptop still does not sync although I get messages saying Sync will start momentarily and an email saying sign in activity has been seen.

I tried to upload a new about:sync-log to pastebin but that results in this error: "Query failure: Data too long for column 'poster' at row 1:

Here are the last 7 lines of the error log:

1446008453428 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG FxAccountsProfileClient: Requested profile 1446008453428 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG getOAuthToken enter 1446008453429 FirefoxAccounts TRACE getCachedToken returning cached token 1446008453429 FirefoxAccounts DEBUG getOAuthToken returning a cached token 1446008453432 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Clearing sync triggers and the global score. 1446008453433 Sync.SyncScheduler DEBUG Next sync in 3600000 ms. 1446008453434 Sync.ErrorHandler ERROR Sync encountered a login error

The log is 7K in size.

Should I now uninstall FireFox and start with a fresh copy?

Regards Roy kg5dbu@arrl.net